Water. Moving against a resistance that is “just right.”

Hi There! I’m Laurie. I find there’s something calming about being in water. It’s a place where I can go to do high intensity training or stretching in a way that is much different than on land—a place where I can feel my body getting stronger. Simply put, water exercise makes me feel good!

I’ve been involved in aquatics for 25 years teaching my first water exercise class at 17 years old. I still remember it – my ‘mixed tape’ for music, empty milk jugs for equipment and arms swinging overhead. How things have changed! Along the way, I’ve had many great teachers and mentors that have cultivated my understanding about how the body moves and have fueled my passion to help others move better! Awesome companies that continue to influence my work are the Aquatic Exercise Association and Gray Institute.

My Team

Being connected goes beyond building stronger mind-body connections. It’s about people connections and a community of friends, colleagues and mentors. WECOACH is led by a team of highly talented and extremely caring individuals who are experts in their field. We invite you to join the movement!

laurie denomme


Founder, Kinesiologist

“I’m always looking for ways to live better. Sharing what I learn with others is what I enjoy most!”

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jeanmarie scordino


Exercise Physiologist

“My work is my passion. I get to combine all of my favorite things and help others in the process!”

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lori sherlock


Exercise Physiologist

“I want to help others see exercise as a fun activity that can promote all aspects of health and wellness.”

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jamie and erika mahn



“Music comes natural and it’s fun!”

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Our analysts are real customers. Only when our workouts are effective and easy to do they pass this quality control board and hit production for you to enjoy. Our analysts are critical to the development of each workout and whose influence is truly what makes our product great!

“Thanks to the Gray Institute for bringing everything into a clear focus—a way of thinking that connected everything I already knew and excited me to learn and develop more! I teamed up with a talented group of individuals to create a program that is simple, enjoyable and effective. Helping you feel and move better is what we are all about.”

—Laurie Denomme, Founder of WECOACH