AquaStretch Apparel & Equipment

AquaStretch Logo Jacket

“When training my clients in the pool I want attire that is comfortable, professional and protects me from the sun. My AquaStretch™ apparel from H2o Wear gives me all of these things and has even helped introduce me to new clients!”

– Monique Acton, Personal Trainer


“H2O Wear’s AquaStretch™ outfit provides a comfortable, professional look while I facilitate. The material stands up well against chlorine and the logo on the back acts as a billboard. Many people are curious what we are doing, read the logo, and will ask about AquaStretch™ !”

– Lori Templeman, AEA Professional



To facilitate AquaStretch you’ll need one pair of weights (5-10lbs each) and a buoyant neck collar.

“The comfort of the HYDRO-FIT AquaStretch weights allows my clients to relax and move freely for better results”. – MaryBeth Dziubinski, Silver Sneakers National Trainer

“The Velcro straps on the HYDRO-FIT weights make application and removal quick allowing me to move efficiently from one stretch to the next.”– Terri Mitchell, PTA

Look Professional. Stay Warm. Market your AquaStretch Business.