AquaStretch Education

Learn It…

Oftentimes people are not able to exercise because they have an existing pain or restriction in movement. With AquaStretch™ you may restore flexibility or remove pain enabling them to comfortably start or maintain exercise sessions.

Introduction to AquaStretch: Home Study

This course teaches the core principles of the AquaStretch technique. Learn in the comfort of your own home what distinguishes AquaStretch from other forms of fascial work, the many benefits and 10 primary stretches.

AquaStretch Foundations Specialty Certificate: Live Education

This 8-hour course is based on the AquaStretch Foundations manual, 2nd edition. It teaches 10 primary stretches including: Wall Hang: Foot, Ankle and Toe Grips, IT-Band Pump, Hip Rock and Roll, One Leg Standing, Lean Back, Lean Forward-Hands on Wall, Shoulder Roll and Scapula Release.

“Best continuing education course I have ever been to!” -Jeremy, PTA, West Virginia


“B-E-Y-O-N-D Reality. I am so excited to go home and start using AquaStretch!” -Holly, Fitness Trainer, Illinois


laurie denomme teaching aquastretch education

AquaStretch Foundations is hosted by the following organizations:

aea aquatic exercise association logo

The Aquatic Exercise Association AEA is a nonprofit organization committed to the advancement of aquatic fitness, health and wellness worldwide. Book AquaStretch Foundations with AEA. Book AquaStretch Foundations-USA with AEA.

body actif logo
Lynda Keane is an international speaker and founder of BodyActif. She holds a BSc in sports rehabilitation and has over 20 years experience working with elite athletes and general populations as a soft tissue and aquatic rehabilitation specialist. She is the editor of the AquaStretch™ Foundations course for the UK and is awaiting publication of her Master’s thesis on the technique. Book AquaStretch Foundations-UK with Lynda.
exercise elements logo
Exercise Elements is an educational organization focused on teaching aquatic movement specialists ideas to enhance their injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance training. AquaStretch Foundations-Worldwide.
peyow aqua pilates
Anne Pringle Burnell is a STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainer and creator of Stronger Seniors®. She has a passion for incorporating Pilates with aquatics and is the co-creator of the Peyow® Aqua Pilates program. Anne is an international speaker and teaches at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Peninsula Hotel, and the University of Illinois Chicago. Book AquaStretch Foundations-USA with Anne.

Do It…

  • After AquaStretch™ Foundations, it is recommended to apply skills 30-40 hours on healthy friends and colleagues.
  • Use AquaStretch products to build confidence and simplify delivery of your sessions.
  • Keep on learning! Join the 250+ members of the Facebook facilitator network group and read Fascia Jane articles published in AEA’s AKWA magazine for ideas on how to jump-start your business, technique related tips and more!