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These products are designed to teach the AquaStretch technique. We strongly recommend completing AquaStretch Foundations Specialty Certificate. This 8-hour course is led by a qualified instructor in small groups.


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“AquaStretch™ is a simple, easy-to-learn technique that offers immediate, lasting results and offers widespread application. The number of success stories to date is truly amazing! You don’t have to take my word for it, just try it once!”
—Laurie Denomme, creator of the AquaStretch™ Foundations education course and resources

AquaStretch Foundations, 2nd Edition

Learn how AquaStretch can help decrease pain and stiffness, speed recovery after joint replacement, enhance sports performance and improve general well being. This 36-page, professionally designed manual, explains guidelines for the 10 primary AquaStretch Procedures targeting the entire body and includes helpful step-by-step tips and color photos.

AquaStretch Pool Guide

NEW 2015 version has extended laminated edges to prevent water damage and tips to help guide your sessions. This new guide complements the 2nd edition manual and includes: Wall Hang Procedures (Foot, Ankle, and Toe Grips; IT Band Pump; Hip Roll and Rock), One Leg Standing, COPS-Assume the Position, Lean Back, Shoulder Roll and Scapula Release.

AquaStretch for Fitness & Wellness DVD

  • Shows how to perform the 10 primary AquaStretch™ Procedures
  • Learn how to use the AquaStretch™ 4-Step Technique: Play – Freeze – Pressure and Move to quickly restore flexibility.