Water Exercise Coach helps aquatic fitness professionals and enthusiasts keep on moving during COVID-19.

Like many of you, I miss working with my clients. I put together this resource page to help keep people moving while at home, to share tips on maintaining pools while they’re closed and make a plan that keeps everyone safe when we get back in the pool together again.

To help keep people moving, I reached out to my fellow Wavemakers®, a community dedicated to providing life-enhancing water exercise. At a time when most people have no pool access, we need new ways to stay fit and active. Using our pool workout philosophies, we put together gentle whole-body mobility and strengthening routines for land called 6-in-1 Movement Breaks.

What people are saying

I just did your video before going for a walk. I’ve had back pain for a long time and miss my pool workouts, but this routine brought relief. I will definitely continue to do the exercises.
I can’t tell you how much my husband and I enjoy the movement breaks.
We do one daily on our patio.
Thank you for sharing.
After just 5 days, against all odds I’m regaining range of motion after a shoulder fracture. I’m making great progress, getting better balance and I can put my hand behind my back (which seemed impossible).

Best Warmup Exercises to do Before a Walk

(12-minutes) At a time when you’re doing more walking, make sure you do more of this.
More 6-in-1 Movement Breaks available FREE on YouTube

More Resources for YOU

If you need to know how to operate your pool while it’s closed or put the right risk management plan in place for re-opening, I’ve compiled this list of resources for you.
Take what’s useful and tell me what you need.
Aquatics Coalition
The purpose of the Aquatics Coalition is to develop direction and tools to advocate for a safer return to purpose-driven, instructional aquatics. Wavemakers is proud to be a part of this group sharing expertise, best practices and work completed.
Splash EDU by Starfish Aquatics Institute
Learn how the disease spreads, symptoms to watch for and proper response strategies. Upon completion, learners receive a certificate for (0.5) hour in-service training.
The American Council on Exercise
To help you understand what this means for you and your livelihood, ACE drafted a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document to help decode this policy language.
Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC)
This and other water-related guidance is published by the CDC.
International Council on Active Aging
ICAA brings to you resources you could use to help yourself and your customers maintain and continue to improve their wellness.
Total Aquatic Programming
Detailed information about air and water quality along with suggestions for HVAC, pool and room temperatures, energy saving tips and draining pools.
Water Exercise Coach
A framework for teaching purpose-driven pool workouts that practice physical distancing guidelines.

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