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25 years experience in aquatics and completion of the Gray Institute Fellowship program has provided me the needed background to develop better ways to exercise. No new props or marketing gimmicks are required for this new way to exercise. Your clients want simple and easy. You want results!

My courses teach professionals how to look at water exercise in a new and simple way. Helping you help your clients move and feel better is what my exercise programs are all about!

2018 Education Events:

  • February 2-4  Albuquerque NM AquaStretch Foundations & BioExercise & more
  • March 3-4     Melbourne, FL  BioExercise & more
  • April 8-9       Minnetonka, MN 
  • April 21-22   Yokohama, Japan
  • May 14-19     Palm Harbor, FL  BioExercise & more information coming soon
  • August 2-5    Reston, VA  BioExercise & more

Choose what course and learning tools are best suited for you:

laurie denomme water exercise


Restore flexibility lost after prolonged sitting, injury or surgery. Thousands have reported significant and immediate reduction in chronic pain, profound relaxation and improved sleep. For athletes, it can improve performance and reduce recovery time.

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group water exercise

Water Exercise

Meet the diverse needs of your clientele using an innovative approach to movement. Using a simple formula, develop hundreds of exercises that will enhance sports performance, activities of daily living and everything in between.

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Products & Resources

Laurie’s top selling videos and training manuals include: AquaStretch Foundations training manual, Stretch Fusion DVDs and the NEW Movements for Mobility DVD to complement COREssentials for Water Exercise education course.

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Imagine workouts that are simple, effective, and always available. Thanks to the latest technology, learning how to design those workouts are here. WECOACH has gone digital!

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