Grow Your Passion and Aquatics Career

Grow Your Passion and Aquatics Career

Grow Your Aquatics Career

If you have ever felt stuck in the same teaching routine or perhaps lacking in enthusiasm, you are not alone. My aquatics career, like many, has been a journey. In retrospect, I can see how many of my opportunities led me here:

  • Our community pool – as kids, my sister and I were known as the ‘water babies’
  • A summer job – it was natural to land my first part time job as a lifeguard and swim instructor
  • Florida family vacations – led me to a work-live opportunity as a lifeguard at Disney water parks
  • McMaster University – I found myself volunteering with stroke patients in the pool
  • Attending Canfitpro – meeting Julie See, president of the Aquatic Exercise Association turned out to be a springboard for my many roles with AEA including: Training Specialist, Special Projects Manager and continuing education provider.

I was following my passion for water. But after 25 years in my aquatics career, I became doubtful of my chosen path, I found myself searching for something new. Then it happened.

At the time I wasn’t familiar with Gary Gray or his teachings, but I found myself enrolling in the Gray Institute fellowship program because it “felt right” – I had this gut feeling it was something I needed to do. I now consider my time at The Gray Institute as another important point in my journey.

The Missing Link in Aquatic Exercise

The Gray Institute helped me to see the thing missing in the aquatic industry was 3-dimensional movement. In fitness certifications we learn that the body moves in 3 planes and that exercises should reflect that. We talk about it, but we don’t do it. The second thing I saw lacking among those who participate in water exercise was a cross-over to land activity. The common rationale was, “land exercise was too hard, it hurt, or simply, not fun to do”. The Gray Institute gave me the confidence that I had something important to share with the aquatic exercise industry and in 2011 I left my full time position at AEA corporate to devote my time to developing my company, WECOACH, and my educational course, COREssentials for Water Exercise.

COREssentials for Water Exercise is the first course of its kind designed to teach professionals how to look at water exercise in a new and simple way. Helping you help your clients get better results is what this course is all about.

Through WECOACH: If I can teach people only one thing about exercise it would be that each joint needs movement in 6 directions. It helps get to the source of pain and weakness, solving problems and preventing injury in a huge way!

Join Me

Let me share what I’ve learnt on my journey to help grow your teaching routines. Learn the fundamentals of the program and how to apply the WECOACH CORE water exercise philosophies to design safe and effective exercise programs in a simplified format to be used in the water or on land.

Boost your aquatics career

Connect the mind, body, and spirit by moving in 6 directions

Optimize movement by maximizing use of buoyancy and resistance

Reduce pain while improving strength, stamina, and balance

Empower clients to reach personal goals by teaching self-paced movement


When you attend the course you learn it so you can go home the next day and use it.

What Attendees are Saying …

“Thank you for a fantastic experience. I started incorporating the moves the next day with my senior water exercise class and have also used them in my Pilates, Yoga and Silver Sneakers® programs!” – Dee Higgins, fitness professional

“Thanks to this course, I am having no problem filling up that hour and I am so much more relaxed about teaching it”. – Jill Spencer, YMCA Wellness Director

Give your aquatics career a boost!  Join me at one of these upcoming locations for COREssentials for Water Exercise.

Maybe this will be another point in your journey.

Thanks for reading,

Laurie Denomme