We make exercise simple, effective and fun to do!

water exercise coach dvds

Although the science is complex, WECOACH makes exercise easy.

My innovative approach to movement feels good as you exercise, but more importantly delivers results. Most exercise programs focus on movement front to back – this is incomplete. WECOACH connects the total body by moving in 6 natural directions.

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WECOACH Innovative exercise enhanced by new technology

An exercise program unlike anything you’ve tried before!

Connect your mind with movement and enhance your training results using the audio, visual and equipment options that are right for you. You’ll be amazed at how simple exercises both in and out of the pool can have a big impact!

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Enjoy online learning and support from the best educators in the industry.

water exercise coach dvds
Imagine workouts that are simple, effective, and always available. Thanks to the latest
technology, learning how to design those workouts are here. WECOACH has gone digital!


Join the movement!

Laurie Denomme


Laurie has traveled around the world to share her exercise techniques and has assembled a team of experts to help carry out her mission to help you move better.

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Audio, visual and equipment

Injury prevention, pain elimination and having the mobility and strength to move better in aspects of your life is what WECOACH exercises are all about.

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Be a Coach

Education for professionals

Our online and live educational courses teach professionals how to look at exercise in a new and simple way. An approved provider for: ACE, AEA, APTA, ATRI and NCBTMB.

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The coaching call with Laurie and Jeanmarie exceeded expectations totally. It was friendly yet professional, scientific yet understandable and most of all useful and useable. Please do more. —Steph Toogood, UK

In a word, perfection. COREssentials for Water Exercise is very thoughtful and nuanced. The perfectly prepared 4 DVD set provides very detailed description and display of the exercises. I strongly recommend this program. —Ewa P Calka, Poland

WECOACH DVDs are incredible! The exercises are done in a unique way involving total body movement. After two months I really feel a difference in mobility and I’m sleeping so much better! —Miff Hendrickson, Florida

One of the best aquatic workouts ever! It has helped my husband with stiff hamstrings and hips become a better runner and aqua Zumba instructor. My participants are raving about feeling better and can’t wait for me to teach again. —Pauline Vargus, California

6 > 2: Better mobility through smarter movement.

“If I can teach people only one thing about exercise it would be that each joint needs movement in 6 directions. It helps get to the source of pain and weakness, solving problems and preventing injury in a huge way! —Laurie Denomme, founder WECOACH

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