WECOACH is a unique approach to water exercise using six directional movement to help participants move and feel better.
WECOACH workouts are simple, effective, safe and fun
WECOACH workouts are variable and results-driven
WECOACH is purposeful exercise for rehab, conditioning, and injury prevention
WECOACH optimizes movement, targeting all aspects of fitness and wellness
WECOACH teaches how to self-adjust exercise for chronic pain, prior surgery, or injury
WECOACH allows participants to do more of the things they enjoy most
Healthy joints require practice moving in variable directions.
That’s why we move in six directions! Our courses are designed to help you apply this thinking to help your participants get better and faster results.
Purposeful Movement. Personalized Results. That’s WECOACH!

Learn how to apply our unique approach into a variety of workout formats. Some of our signature programs include:

Forward thinking water exercise

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