Contrary to what you may have experienced, exercise on land doesn’t have to hurt.

Don’t have access to a pool? Or perhaps you’re just tired of exercises on land that hurt or workouts that don’t deliver on promised results. No problem. WECOACH is the Answer!

The land workouts included on our water exercise DVDs can also be purchased separately on digital download. Each 8-12 minute workout uses simple exercises that are natural for the body to help you move better in all aspects of your life. No equipment required.

Simple Movements, BIG Results!

  • Simple. Three 10-minute exercise routines.
  • Whole Body Results. Mobility, Strength, Core and Balance.
  • Flexible. Do just one or all three together for a complete workout.
  • Portable. No equipment required. Take it with you when you travel.
  1. Total Body Mobility—Reduce pain and stiffness in this simple low impact routine. Experience gentle hip movements and easy reaching combinations making movement easier.
  2. Lower Body Strength—Increase lower body strength to reduce knee and hip pain and improve balance. Learn how to use 7-foot positions to strengthen the body with reduced joint stress in a range that feels good.
  3. Total Body Integration—Integrate the exercises learned in the mobility and strength programs as you step and reach in 6 directions to improve core strength, stability and balance.

Who is the MOVE BETTER program for?

  • People who sit more than 4 hours a day to reverse the effects of prolonged sitting
  • Baby Boomers looking to reduce pain and stiffness while improving balance
  • Exercise and medical professionals to learn proven techniques to use with clients/patients

Multiple camera angles expertly showcase the movements, along with written and verbal coaching tips to help you feel the move to get the results that you deserve.

Real People, Real Results

This is just the workout I needed. It is easy but very effective in limbering up all areas of the body. After just two weeks I have less pain and stiffness. When my time is short, I can still stick in a 10-minute workout for a better day. Thank you so much for meeting this need.

—Judy Grush

So simple, yet so effective! My husband and his cranial sacral therapist have noticed a big difference in his flexibility. It is easy and quick to do and I felt taller and move mobile the first time I used it!

—Ruth Corell

These workouts are incredible! The movements are done in a unique way and really involve total body movement. I have been doing these workouts for about two months and really feel a difference in mobility as well as coordination and I’m now sleeping so much better!

—Miff Hendrickson

Move and Feel Better in any Direction Life Takes You!

Instant access to 3 video workouts for your complete MOVE BETTER program.

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