New Year, New Directions

New Year, New Directions

New Year, New Directions

I’m Laurie, a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I train other movement professionals to help their clients move and feel better.  That’s what my fitness programs are all about — finding simple, effective ways to move better.  This year at WECOACH we are moving in new directions!

I’m excited to announce WECOACH’s 2018 theme: Move in More Directions.

Moving in more as well as new directions is a key strategy to WECOACH workouts. It’s the foundation for the whole philosophy behind our smarter, safer, more effective workouts. Most exercise programs focus on movement in two directions — front to back. See for yourself. Login to YouTube and search ‘water exercise workout’. You’re bound to see: jogging, cross country skis, kicks, tucks — all of these moving in the sagittal plane — front to back.

WECOACH is different. We focus on movement in six directions – front, back, right, left, right and left rotation. This is how the body moves each day, and this is how exercise programs should be designed to give your body what it need and what it wants.

Move in More Directions. That’s my challenge to you for 2018, and I’m here to help you integrate this idea into your workouts.

A Look Back

The most exciting news is the launch of WECOACH online learning for professionals. Our first course, Move in More Directions, is a true game changer. Exercise Physiologist Jeanmarie Scordino and I show you three things you can do to get better results in any land or water workout program. This course is beneficial to everyone in the water exercise industry, from seasoned pros to those just getting into this amazing field. 

While great advances were happening, my time got swallowed trying to learn and navigate this technical world, and this non-tech savvy fitness coach got behind on sending out those newsletters.

I thought, no big deal. I thought my e-newsletters were going unnoticed. Then, while delivering a presentation in December in Roscoe, Illinois, an attendee, Anges, called me out. “I’m signed up and I haven’t received a newsletter in months!”. There was a simple explanation: I hadn’t sent out a newsletter in months. I promised Agnes, and everyone else in the room, more consistency for 2018.

If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter – what at you waiting for? WECOACH fans are the first to know about new product releases, and they also get an opportunity to access introductory prices.

If you missed getting the online course during the launch, I’m opening up the introductory pricing one last time – but only until January 31. So for just 7 days you have the opportunity to SAVE $10. Access code: FAN

New Directions

Next month – our first blog on February 1 is an invitation to join the WECOACH squat challenge. It’s so simple. Just 10 squats a day. This challenge is for everyone, as we’ll show you how to apply moving in 6 new directions. Encourage your students to join in with you as their coach! It’s just 1 week until the squat challenge begins, so make sure you are signed up to receive our blog articles (or like our Facebook page).

Welcome to WECOACH. Let’s get moving together in new directions!