Water Workouts to Go: Simple, Effective, FUN

Water Workouts to Go: Simple, Effective, FUN

A Special Offer from WECOACH

Water Workouts to Go are simple, effective and seriously fun to do!  Since 2006 I’ve provided my personal training clients a printed copy of their personal pool program. This home exercise program was known as their “SMART CARD” – a Specific, Measureable, Attainable, and Realistic Training program. The workouts included photos and detailed descriptions of each exercise.

Over the last year, the exercise tool formerly known as the SMART CARD underwent testing by fitness professionals and water exercise enthusiasts. Recommendations were given and upgrades were made.  The result – Water Workouts to Go! Workouts are emailed as PDF files for immediate use.  And there’s more!  Additional bonus features include:

  • Before going to the pool, watch a video demonstration of me doing the exercises in the pool.
  • Plus I’ll also send you additional tips to help you get the most out of your workouts!

Water Workouts to Go are Simple to Follow

Each workout includes a warm-up, conditioning and warm-down phase. The conditioning phase can be modified in length allowing you the flexibility of a 30-60 minute format.

You’ll find a couple of common threads in every workout. WECOACH workout rules of engagement – move in 6 directions and use 7 different foot positions for better results.

Water Workouts to go by WECOACH


Get the Results you Deserve

Water Workouts to Go targets all components of fitness. Stretch Fusion helps improve whole body flexibility, core stability and balance. In Ski Intervals you’ll experience exercises to improve lower body strength and cardiovascular health. And Core Circuit builds core strength and endurance while improving posture and flexibility. Flexibility, cardio, strength – these workouts have it all.

What makes Water Workouts to Go so effective? Use of a 6 directional movement formula that maximizes use of   buoyancy, resistance and the pool itself.

For example, let’s take the cross country ski move used in the Ski Interval workout. A common exercise in any water aerobics workout, but are you maximizing the benefit of this exercise? Let’s face it, if you’re going to workout, you want one that delivers results! Here’s an example of why our exercises are so effective.

In the Ski Interval workout the strength sets between each cardio interval are designed to engage muscles that might not be firing like they should. For example try this:

Single leg balance with toe slide

Single Leg Balance







Start position: Stand on your left leg

Single leg balance reach                          






Action: Slide your right foot directly behind you

Keeping contact with the floor as the foot reaches behind the body forces the glutes to engage and develops proper movement mechanics. Pair this up with some skis and the body will improve strength and endurance of all the right muscles.

Seriously FUN to do!

Water Workout to Go deliver on promised results. Use Water Workouts to Go for one month and feel the benefits.

  • Perfect water exercise product for water exercise professionals and enthusiasts
  • Tested by water exercise instructors and home users
  • Photos and detailed descriptions make workouts simple to use by all
  • Each workout is adaptable for 30-60 minute formats

This is a special offer and will ONLY be available for purchase for 60 days.


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