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WECOACH makes exercise simple, effective and FUN to do! My innovative approach to movement makes you feel good as you exercise, but more importantly it delivers results.

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If I can teach people only one thing about exercise it would be that each joint needs movement in 6 directions. It helps get to the source of pain and weakness, solving problems and preventing injury in a huge way.

Created by aea and ATRI-logo award winning educator Laurie Denomme!

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WECOACH Water Workouts to Go!

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  • Perfect water exercise product for professionals and consumers
  • Workouts emailed as PDF files
  • Photos and detailed descriptions make workouts simple to use by all
  • Each workout adaptable to 30-60 minute formats
  • Tested by water exercise instructors and home users

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“Laurie’s workouts have a common thread that I enjoy. From stretches to high impact moves, movements are fun with challenge.”
—Cynthia Osborne

“Exercises are easy to understand and implement. The idea of moving the body in 6 directions is a great way to get maximum benefit. WECOACH has revolutionized the way I teach and produces results.”
—Amazon Customer

“As a person living with arthritis mobility is very important to me. When I finish this workout I feel refreshed, energized and ready to handle whatever comes at me that day.”
—Julia Rasmussen

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Only $15 for 3 Water Workouts to Go

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