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Everyone is unique and we’re all motivated by different exercise formats, music and equipment. At WECOACH we’re not a one size fits all canned program.

To help get you the results that you deserve, we’ve partnered with these experts to enhance the benefits of our innovative approach to exercise!

  • Erimie musicians to create a new sound for water exercise.
  • Inneraction Media to produce DVDs using multiple cameras to expertly showcase the exercises.
  • FX-Sport to develop audio workouts on a wireless device that plays your own music.

WECOACH Workouts on DVD

Each DVD includes a 30-minute water workout that will help you to move better and more importantly to feel better. A simple land workout is included for free on most DVDs to help you make movement part of your daily routine even when you don’t have access to a pool.


Movements for Mobility

A new twist on familiar moves for better results.

Reduce pain and stiffness in this total body tune up. In the pool try a new twist on jogging, jacks and tucks. Bonus land workout uses gentle hip moves for injury prevention and pain elimination.

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Movements for Knees & Hips

Get stronger with less joint stress.

Improve lower body mobility and strength. In the pool move like a kid again as you skip, jack and more. On land learn how to select your range to strengthen your knees and hips.

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Movements for Abs & Back

Get to the core of pain and dysfunction.

In the pool improve core strength using buoyant equipment with standing, sitting and floating exercises. On land simple stepping and reaching exercises help improve core stability and balance.

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HI-YO Intervals

Burn massive calories.

High intensity bursts (HI) + Yoga based stretches (YO) come together in a heart-pumping, one-of-a-kind workout appropriate for beginners, yet challenging enough for the most seasoned water exercisers.

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Water Exercise DVD 4 Pack

Get all 4 for a complete total-body workout.

WECOACH connects the total body by move in all 6 natural directions with music to build stronger connections. Created by industry expert Laurie Denomme for injury prevention, pain elimination and simply to help you move and feel better!

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WECOACH Audio Workouts

Audio workouts are available in three formats—CD, MP3 and wireless headphones. Motivating voice-lead workouts are ideal for training in your backyard pool or for groups that do not have the benefit of a live instructor.

Total Body Mobility

CD & MP3

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Water Exercise for Knees and Hips

CD & MP3

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Wireless Headphones

Includes 10 Pre-loaded Workouts by Laurie

In the comfort of your backyard pool, or when traveling, the wireless headphones provide a unique way to experience audio water workouts using your own music.

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Water Exercise Equipment

The equipment used in WECOACH workouts is selected because of it’s proven durability to stand up against chlorine, versatility to be used for flexibility, strength and cardio exercises and usability by widespread populations.



Increase strength and cardio benefits of your workout.

Unlike gloves with stitching between fingers, aquamitts allow hands to move freely during your workout.

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Makes Sense Every Time You Swim

Doubles as an aerobic kickboard, flotation device, and even as a seat cushion.

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