Wavemakers Home Workouts
Using natural body movements to get proven results.

Our workouts get total body benefits

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Lowers risk of heart disease using variable intensity
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Relieves joint and muscle pain from arthritis
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Removes fear of falling as you gain lower body strength
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Makes lifting groceries, kids, and laundry easy to do
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Helps you play your best golf or tennis by using core exercises
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Truly helps you feel, move and live better every day!

Workout Programs for Land and Water

Laurie Denomme
Created by Laurie Denomme
Best known for her innovative results-driven exercise, Laurie is a kinesiologist, award-winning fitness educator and creator of Wavemakers.

Her passion is helping others get meaningful and lasting results from every workout using her personally developed 6-7 formula.
Laurie Denomme coaching
I created Wavemakers® Home to help people like you experience the life-changing impact of my 6-7 formula in workouts that you can do anywhere.

It’s where yoga, high intensity, and all of your favorite workouts on land and in the pool share one thing – RESULTS driven by the 6-7.

Join me and experience workouts that truly make a difference in how you feel, move and live each day.
– Laurie Denomme

Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Workout programs are released quarterly.

Land Workouts

Water Workouts

The land workouts convinced my water exercise students that land exercise can feel good too! Anna said, “I’ve never experienced workouts like this. It feels as good as our pool workouts.”

Sibyl emailed to say, “We have 10 women who swear by Laurie’s Aqua Cardio Intervals workout. I have never been dedicated to any exercise program, but I am this one. I swear I get withdrawals when I miss a day.”

The only regret people have after doing our workouts is they didn’t start sooner.

When you purchase a Wavemakers HOME exercise program you’ll get:
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At least 4 workouts … so you can mix up the routines.
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Purposeful exercises… so you gain total body benefits.
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Personalized instruction … so you can customize your exercises.
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Success tracker … so you can see your life changing transformation.

If you want to have workouts that makes a real difference in how you feel, move and live each day, select your program now.

“I knew right away the 6-7 was what I’d been looking for: innovative, beneficial for health, challenging, purposeful and fun. Being a former classical dancer, I had imbalances in my feet. Performing the workouts helped me to avoid a recommended surgery.”
ellen todd
Thomas Merschjohann, Germany

Experience a simple way to train using natural body movement.

Total Body Tune Up is available for
purchase until February 6.
Your workouts start:
February 7
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Five bodyweight workouts delivered by email
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Five weeks of coaching emails
That’s five workouts you can do as many times as you like.
Anywhere, anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the internet to do the workouts?

Yes, you’ll need an internet connection to access the streaming videos.

Do I need equipment for each workout

For most workouts no equipment is needed. If needed, it is specified on the product.

How long can I access the workouts?

You’ll have continued access for 24 months from time of purchase.

Get ready to feel, move, and live better each day.