Get ready for demanding, fun, whole-body workouts!
WECOACH delivers meaningful results.
Our exercise programs relieve stiff joints from arthritis, strengthen knees and hips, and improve sport and recreation activities. Make your workout worth getting wet with WECOACH.
WECOACH moves in six natural directions.
Hip tightness can cause low back and knee pain, slouched posture and poor balance. It also limits the power of your golf or tennis swing. Just like an elastic band needs to be stretched to launch across a room, muscles require flexibility and strength to step, reach, bend or swing. Most exercise programs focus on front to back moves, but our workouts move in all 6 natural directions. Let WECOACH help you move through life with ease.
WECOACH: simple concepts that deliver significant results.
Rarely do we ever repeat a movement over and over in strict form. How often do you lower your body while keeping your knees behind your toes, unless you’re doing a squat at the gym? Probably never! Exercises should move the body in ways that mirror real-life movement. It’s the only way to get better and faster results, keep the muscles balanced, and avoid injury. That’s why WECOACH uses seven basic foot positions while moving in six directions. Nothing targets full body fitness and wellness like WECOACH.
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Our At Home Workouts are ideal for training in your backyard pool or for groups that don’t have the benefit of a live instructor. It’s like having WECOACH founder, Laurie Denomme, give you personal workout sessions in your own pool. Dive into better health with WECOACH At Home Workouts.

Just put the CD into your portable sound system and follow along. Using your computer, workouts on CD can also be transferred to your iTunes collection for use on your iPod, tablet or mobile phone.

Experience vibrant health using the latest wire free headphones. All headphones purchased from WECOACH come pre-loaded with 14 workouts.
WECOACH workouts created exclusively for use on FX-Sport headphones with your own music.
4 WECOACH All in One Workouts; music and instructional cues in a single recording.
Exercise worth the time and effort.
This one’s for YOU!
Print your free water workout. Videos will show you how it’s done.

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