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Water Walk To A Healthier You

Water walking is a surprisingly low-impact, full-body workout. Water walking reduces the stress on joints significantly, making it an excellent choice for seniors, anyone with joint pain, or those with arthritis.

Improve joint health

Increase strength & endurance

Improve heart health

Improve balance & posture

Reduce pain

“I’ve been doing this for over a year now and it’s been a miracle for me. I suffered a serious fall 2 years prior, injuring my back, shoulders and knees. I wasn’t able to sleep in a bed, much less get out of one without severe pain. Walking on land was too uncomfortable to be an effective exercise. A few weeks into the program, I noticed how much my balance had improved. I appreciate the opportunity to say “thanks” for helping me get my life back!”

Ann, Florida

Start The 28-Day Water Walking Program: Water Walk to a Healthier You

This program is here to help you move with ease. No more guessing whether you’ll be able to walk across the street in time, or be able to navigate the stairs on your next vacation.

In This Program You’ll Get:


  • 5 audio workouts, downloadable in the free app for Apple and Android
  • 2 simple ways to measure and track your progress
  • 1 how-to guide for starting a water walking club in your community


“My husband and I were both non-swimmers and total beginners when we started with Laurie’s water waking program. The instructions are easy to follow and, after consistently using for 3 weeks, we’re both feeling better than ever.”

Judy G., Florida

Water Walking: The Workouts


Workout 1. First Step To A Healthier You (42 min)

This is water walking basics, interval style, to really strengthen your muscles in a balanced way. Go slow in your biggest feel-good range to lengthen your stride and get the freedom to move with ease.


Workout 2. Circuits For Posture And Balance (42 min)

Brisk walking and targeted exercises for better alignment will keep you moving from start to finish. Feel strong and steady as you build foundational support for stronger legs and improved balance.


Workout 3. Timed Intervals For Moving Balance (42 min)

Warm-up by walking in place with 4 basic foot positions to activate your feet and hips. You’ll work on fall-prevention and improving ability to breathe easier with continuous walking, timed intervals, and core work.


Workout 4. Water Walking H.I.I.T. (42 min)

Practice big range and big effort without breaking into a run to make walking on land SO much easier! Plus work on weight shifting combined with hip mobility and strengthening for better balance.


Workout 5. Power Training For Up And Down Stairs (42 min)

This workout combines continuous walking, lower body strength, stretches for tight hips and calves, and a touch of speed work to help you navigate up and down stairs with ease.

 “I can’t believe how impactful this is! I’ve been practicing with my mum, who’s just had a new hip, and it’s been incredible to see her recovery!

Chloe M., UK

BONUS: Private Group Coaching from a Wavemakers Coach

If you’re based in Florida and 10 or more of your community members purchase the program by June 30, you’ll get a FREE private in-person group coaching session with Laurie’s team to help you get even more from the classes.

Email Laurie to arrange your in-person workout.

Taster: 16 Ways To Water Walk

 “I had a routine bone density test recently. 4 years ago there were signs of osteopenia but this time it was completely normal. The doc asked what I was doing differently: water exercise!”

Vicki, Florida

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