Feeling the move

leads to better results


Our workouts explore movement and physical awareness to live a life better than imagined.

“I am forever changed in how my brain works while out walking, working out in the pool … Today watching TV my brain automatically went to the 7 foot positions, practicing in a chair!”

Linda S, Georgia

“These workouts are genius for whole body fitness. On vacation and in just 5 weeks several guests joining me experienced relief from knee and hip pain!”

Susan A, Michigan

Get Stronger

“Laurie is really energetic and keeps us moving. It’s really helpful for our joints and especially my back.” Bill H, Michigan

Improve Balance

“The focus on feeling each move helps me know exactly what to do. I feel stronger. My balance is better. I just love these workouts!” – Carol B., Florida

Avoid Surgery

“Being a former classical dancer, I had muscular imbalances in my feet. The combination of the water and land workouts helped me to avoid a recommended surgery.” – Thomas M., Germany

Workout with Friends

“We feel as if Laurie is talking to each of us individually via the screen of my iPad, and we act as if she can hear us, too.”

– Kelly L., Florida

In your Home Pool

“I’d been struggling to find water aerobics classes, found your HIIT cardio, and love it. Thank you for making your workouts accessible to me in my backyard pool.”

– Jill C., Indiana

In your Living Room

“So simple, yet so effective! My husband and I are doing the short land routines. I felt taller and more mobile the first time I did it.”

– Ruth C., Virginia

I’ve been doing water exercise with Laurie for five years during which I’ve had a total knee replacement and broken ankle; the workouts helped me get back on my feet stronger than before.” – Marlis V., Florida

I had a different conception of what water exercise was about, but I found out it’s been tremendous for me. It helps my cardio, stiff shoulders, and arthritic back. The side effect is that it’s helped my golf game.” – Gerry H., Florida

“We have 10 women who swear by Laurie’s Aqua Cardio Intervals workout. I have never been dedicated to any exercise program, but I am this one. I swear I get withdrawals when I miss a day.”

– Sibyl C. Florida

“Wavemakers works on the individual. What that translated to for me was better hip mobility, and increased range of motion, endurance, balance, and stability! Seeing is believing. Your methods WORK!”

– Cynthia O., North Carolina

“I completed my goal to walk a half marathon. My legs did so much better than I thought. Very little soreness today. To relate it all to Wavemakers, I used variability of pacing and stride length. When my upper body was stiff, I’d move my arms in different directions. This type of training gets results and prevents injury. I’m 68 years old and going strong!”– Ellen T., North Carolina

“What a fun walk today. I used toes in, toes out while walking, as well as stopping to do some squats with different foot positions. As a triathlete in peak training, I’ve been experiencing pain in my right hip. Happy to say after using 7-Foot Positions my hip is more flexible.” – DeeDee T., Wisconsin

One of the best aquatic workouts ever! It is an effective, intelligent aquatic class format that delivers results, improves upon your athletic pursuits, aids in injury recovery and prevention.” – Luis V., California

Feel Better, Get Results


I’m Laurie Denomme

an exercise coach dedicated to helping you move better and be your best everyday.

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