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For 33 years, H2O Wear has been manufacturing the longest-lasting, most chlorine-resistant swimwear available.

My Experience:
“When people put on a pair of H2OWear gloves, immediately they are better connected to the water and helps fire up the core.”

Inside Wavemaker workouts, I teach how to use this training tool to feel every muscle working.

Recommended Products:
Aquatic footwear, gloves, and apparel. Get all of your water exercise training gear in one place.

Total Aquatic Programming is a full-service consulting firm specializing in the 4 pillars of aquatic programming including: Rehab and Aquatic Exercise, Learn to Swim, Aquatic Sports, and Recreation.

My Experience:
“TAP founders and industry pioneers, Mick and Sue Nelson taught me how to think like a coach and help students be high achieving goal-getters.”

Inside Wavemakers Pro, you’ll learn my 3-Step Coaching Strategy: Learn It. Feel It. Own It.

Recommended Services:
TAP offers Build and Program-a-Pool conferences as well as on-site aquatic programming evaluations.

2025 National Build & Program a Pool Conference registration is open. Get the details. 

With 32+ hours of total playtime and smallest sport fit ever, the GO Air Sport are mighty (and fun). Auto connect to your device to walk, run, HIIT or talk on-the-GO.

My Experience:
My favorite part is the superior sound delivery and comfortable fit allowing me to move freely in the pool without the need for wifi.

Doing audio workouts in my community pool is so easy with my JLab wireless earbuds.

Recommended Product:
GO airsport true wireless earbuds for easy pairing with Wavemakers App for Android and iOS.

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