water exercise coach dvds
Goodbye water aerobics. Hello water exercise!
Founded in 2009, by kinesiologist Laurie Denomme, WECOACH (short for water exercise coach) uses a unique six-directional movement formula. Our simple to use and highly effective teaching method can be applied to any teaching style and workout format: aqua yoga, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and even aqua zumba. Our total-body aqua strength workouts reduce pain, improve flexibility, increase metabolism and provide safe, highly effective workouts for every ability.
Grab-and-go workouts, exercise tips and continuing education for aquatic fitness professionals.
Start or continue your water exercise journey with our innovative programs that use simple concepts to deliver significant results.

Water exercise workouts you or your clients can practice at home. Safe and effective for those with arthritis, knee pain, back pain and other limitations. Our exercises help people live life to its fullest.

Online education and resources for aquatic fitness professionals. Let us be your go-to source for aqua fitness tools and instruction. WEOCACH is backed by science and guaranteed to wow clients.

Continuing education, done-for-you workouts and conversation with instructors around the world. Join the #1 online mentorship program and be a part of the next-generation of aquatic fitness professionals.