Water. Moving against a resistance that is “just right.”
I’ve been involved in aquatics for 25 years teaching my first water exercise class at 17 years young. I still remember it – my mixed tape for music, empty milk jugs for equipment and arms swinging overhead. How things have changed!
Sharing what I learn is my passion
My first workshop: Begin with the End in Mind shared my perspective on creating the perfect workout – set your goals, develop a plan, deliver results. While my participants were happy, many times it felt like what I was doing wasn’t enough.
The power of why
Have you ever felt unmotivated? Or asked yourself: am I really making a difference? That was me in 2011. But then the Gray Institute happened – an organization that taught me so much about, well, everything! My passion was restored.
I founded WECOACH
Most exercise programs focus on moving in a single plane of motion. But the body craves more! WECOACH is a unique approach to water exercise that uses six directional movement and teaches how to engage in every exercise for better and faster results. Helping people live, feel, and move better is what WECOACH is all about.
WECOACH exercise programs
I teamed up with industry leaders to create a variety of workout formats including: HIYO™ Intervals, BioExercise™ and Aqua Yoga Strength™. With a variety of programs to choose from, all I needed now was a way to teach the key concepts shared by all WECOACH programs and a way to make this know-how accessible for more people to enjoy!
Wavemakers® has arrived!
Inspired by my participants. Influenced by leaders around the world. Created for my fellow instructors. Wavemakers® is an online mentorship program increasing your exercise know-how and placing your creativity into high gear to accelerate your teaching skills.
Join the Movement!
Laurie Denomme, Kinesiologist and mentor of all things water exercise, show you simple ways to get significant results
Get your CECs in our interactive training courses – online and in-person.
Learn. Grow. Share. Individually and collectively we get better as a community to better serve our participants