Buoyancy: A Better Exercise Experience

by | Jun 4, 2015 | Exercise Tips

Buoyancy supports the body reducing stress on the muscles and joints.
Bouyancy supports the body during water exercise

Water exercise is effective way to help get your body what it needs and reach your health and fitness goals, all while providing a fun routine you will enjoy doing.

Buoyancy of Water

The upward force of buoyancy minimizes the effects of gravity.  This support may be of greatest value if you are a beginner exerciser, experiencing joint or muscle pain or rehabilitating after an injury or surgery.

Below are four benefits of water exercise:

  1. Increases mobility.  Submerge the knees, hips and even the shoulders.  Joints under the water will be free to move through a greater range.
  2. Decreases joint stress.  When standing in waist deep water, you carry 50% of your body weight.  At chest depth (the recommended depth when performing water exercise), your body is holding just 25%.  Less joint loading also means means that you can give your body benefits of training with less stress.
  3. Reduces fear of falling.  Exercise might be intimidating for fear of falling.  With the support of buoyancy you can exercise with confidence.
  4. Increases circulation.  Buoyancy along with hydrostatic pressure of water improves circulation.  This can help to promote a quicker healing response.

The buoyancy of water offers support allowing less impact on the joints, which enables you to work hard in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.  Water will help you move in a range that makes you feel good in a safe and effective manner.

Simply stand in water to feel the benefits.


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