Top 3 Water Exercise Essentials

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Exercise Tips

Get the Gear!

You need 3 essentials for water exercise:

  1. Swimwear,
  2. Water shoes
  3. A bottle of water

As part of your swimwear, consider a UV protective long sleeve shirt to block the sun or help keep you warm.

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Wear Water Shoes

Why wear shoes in the pool?

  1. Absorb forces.  Especially if you have joint pain, you want to reduce load bearing.
  2. Improve traction. Better grip allows you to easily change from one move to the next.
  3. Safety. Prevent slips and falls in and around pool surfaces that are wet and slippery.
  4. Add resistance. Get more out of each exercise with  added resistance.

Drink Water

Did you know immersion reduces normal thirst mechanisms and increases urinary output?  This combination can be a quick road to dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water. If you cannot drink during the workout, be sure to hydrate afterwards.

WECOACH Preferred Pool Tools

  1. Designed to let you slide your thumb in or out to grasp a noodle or hand bar.
  2. Made of durable ChloroGuard fabric in two sizes (S-M) and (L-XL).
  3. Aqua Mitts offer easy on/off whether you are in or out of the pool.
  4. Vary hand positioning inside the aqua mitt to change intesity if your workout.
  • Nekdoodle®. This product is UV-protected as well as salt and chlorine resistant. The thing I like most is the versatility.
  1. Support for doing exercises sitting, kneeling or floating on your side or back.
  2. Provides resistance when moved against the water.
  3. Versatility.  It can be used as an aerobic kick board, a swimming pool float, a seat cushion, and more.  In 2014, it was voted one of the best water safety products for kids and families.

WECOACH Water Workouts

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