7 Basic Foot Positions for Water Exercise

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Exercise Tips, Lower Body

Try using “7 Basic Foot Positions” with your favorite exercises, such as squats, bicep curls, an overhead press or maybe something a little gentler like a hip rock or arm swing. From strength to mobility, create better results using this mix of foot positions.

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Why Use Varied Foot Positions?

Movement of one part of the body causes a series of motions to occur throughout the rest of the body.

  1. In a standing position feet shoulder width apart, press your hips back. Notice how this feels at your ankles, knees and hips.
  2. Now step your right foot forward.
  3. Try the same movement.

What is different? You might feel a bigger stretch down the back of the right leg.  Now try it with the left foot forward.  What’s different?  Perhaps one side is tighter than the other or you have better balance on one side than the other.

Everyday activities require us to place our feet in many positions. One ahead of the other, toes turned out or in or maybe a wide or narrow stance. When walking, they move front to back.  When stepping out of a car, they turn out and in, and when we pick things off the floor, we might step and bend in a variety of motions.  Just like an elastic band needs to be stretched to gather energy for it to be launched across a room, the muslces must have enough flexibility to effectively lengthen and gather energy to reach, step, bend or move in any direction life takes us.

Introducing “7 Basic Foot Positions”

Watch the video below to learn 7 basic foot positions used in our water and land workouts.  This free video is helpful to watch before doing the Movements for Mobility Video Workout or our NEW Water Exercise for Mobiilty Audio Workout.

  • Try the front to back hip rock with each position to feel the difference.
  • Increase mobility and build strength using all 7 to better prepare the body for everyday movement.
  • Apply this thinking to any workout routine to expand your exercise library and to get better results.

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