We use water in a totally different way.

This is feel-good exercise designed to help you move better.

7 Benefits Of Water Walking

Water walking, a seemingly simple yet highly effective exercise, is gaining in popularity as people discover the amazing benefits. This low-impact activity offers a refreshing twist on traditional walking, providing a whole new dimension to your fitness routine. Whether you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular health, reduce stress, or simply enjoy time in the water, […]

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20 New Ways to Jog in the Pool

Why do you need 20 new ways to jog in the pool?  A well-designed water workout includes three simple ingredients: warm-up, conditioning and warm-down. The warm-up and warm-down should always sandwich the work phase, preparing the body to work in the water and then get ready to return to land. The work phase is where […]

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Squat Perfection

Squat Perfection – Step 1: Learn the Move   Practice makes perfect. We all know that, but how many of us commit to doing the same exercise day in and day out for a month? I can’t tell you how proud I am of everyone who joined my challenge. In week 1 of the WECOACH […]

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3D Squat Challenge

3D Squat Challenge This is your official invitation to the WECOACH Squat Challenge. Change does not happen overnight. We all know Olympic athletes don’t start at the top of their game. They start like the rest of us, holding onto a chair while learning to skate, falling and getting back up, practicing just a couple […]

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Interval Pool Workouts: Tabata and more

Interval Pool Workouts: Tabata, Little Method, Turbulence Training and Fartlek   Various forms of interval workouts have saturated the fitness market.  On land, this type of training is reserved for advanced exercisers. In water, this type of training is realistic and attainable for everyone. Along with my colleague Lori Sherlock, an ironman athlete and an […]

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