3D Squat Challenge

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Knees & Hips, Lower Body, Water Exercise

3D Squat Challenge

This is your official invitation to the WECOACH Squat Challenge.

Change does not happen overnight. We all know Olympic athletes don’t start at the top of their game. They start like the rest of us, holding onto a chair while learning to skate, falling and getting back up, practicing just a couple of times a week. Just like you and me, these athletes gradually build their skills, endurance, and commitment. They push themselves as they work toward more challenging goals. Every single one of them started with small, local competitions, moving onto regional, national, and finally international venues. If we set achievable goals and stay motivated to push ourselves each day, all of us will find success, even if it’s not on an Olympic level.

With this in mind, I’d like to invite you to the WECOACH Squat Challenge. We’ve created a functional twist on a squat challenge, creating a program that builds on your daily success. As you go through this challenge, remember to listen to your body. Choose a depth that is comfortable, increasing as you feel more comfortable. The repetitions are a guideline, so increase or decrease depending on your needs.



Squat Challenge: Week 1


Day 1- 10 squats – Feet parallel, press hips back to a comfortable depth
Day 2- 10 squats – Feet wide, press hips back to a comfortable depth
Day 3- 10 squats – Feet narrow, press hips back to a comfortable depth
Day 4- 10 squats each – Feet staggered, (right and left forward), press hips back to a comfortable depth
Day 5- 10 squats – Feet hip width, toes tuned out, press hips back to a comfortable depth
Day 6- 10 squats each – Feet staggered, toes turned out (right and left forward), and press hips back to a comfortable depth
Day 7- Rest


Squat Challenge: Week 2


In week two, we build on our success. Repeat the Week 1 squat challenge, increasing the repetitions to 15-20 of each squat. Always press the hips back to make sure you are engaging the glute muscles in the movement. You should never feel any pain in the knees.


Squat Challenge: Week 3


During week three, we add load to our existing movements. Repeat the Week 2 squat challenge, adding weight in your hands as you do the movements. If possible, try to increase the depth of the movement for a few reps (or all of them).


Squat Challenge: Week 4


Into the home stretch! In Week 4 of the squat challenge, we layer all of the variables together. Repeat the Week 1 squat challenge, but choose one or two variables to change each day — adding a combination of resistance, speed, depth and number of reps.


Take the Squat Challenge to the Pool


You can participate in the WECOACH Squat Challenge both on land and in the pool. If your workouts are 2 or 3 times a week, modify the challenge so that you can get all 6 moves in each week. If you work in a cold-water pool, use a tuck jump rather than a squat. Follow the same progression plan while modifying for the aquatic environment.

Week 1 – 10 squats (or tuck jumps) using varied foot positions.
Week 2 – Add repetitions. Do 15-20 of each squat (or tuck jump) exercise.
Week 3 – Increase the load. Make a squat a tuck or advance your tuck by pushing harder off the pool bottom.
Week 4 – Mix up the routine. Add resistance, speed, depth and number of repetitions.

At WECOACH, we’re here to help you increase your movement know-how. Let’s get started on this squat challenge and get moving together in more directions!

Author: Laurie Denomme, Founder of WECOACH and Creator of Wavemakers®

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