Wavemakers® registration is open now through June 30th
It’s a unique program
Giving participants what they want, while also giving them what they need.
Blending inspiration and knowledge from: exercise physiologists, ironmen athletes, swim coaches, physical therapists, yoga teachers, creative all-stars, and thought leaders, creating a results based program.
A passion to share what I learn with others, is why I created Wavemakers® for YOU.

In this year-long adventure you’ll experience:

  • 8 online education courses with printable coaching notes
  • 12 CECs: AEA, Arthritis Foundation, and ATRI (a $240 value!)
  • Video workouts + printable notes for poolside use
  • Weekly emails from me with tips to spur your creativity
  • Monthly interaction + inspiration with fellow Wavemakers®
Wavemakers® is not just a series of courses, it’s a learn-grow-share community that connects instructors and participants to water exercise resources and each other.
Have you ever wanted a mentor?
Someone to help answer common student questions, like “does water exercise really improve bone density?”. A place to sound out ideas? Somewhere to learn how to personalize results for everyone?
Wavemakers® online mentorship is here!
A place to get answers and experience true collaborate learning.
Clarity. Confidence. Connections.
These are the things you’ll gain in Wavemakers®
It starts now!

Wavemakers® is structured, yet flexible. Each module is four months long so you can go at your own pace. Soak up the information, apply what you learn, and share your ideas in a 30-day challenge with fellow Wavemakers®. Learn. Grow. Share. That’s how we do it!

Expand your exercise library
continuously and endlessly
June through September, you’ll learn the “why” behind the “how” of common water exercises and understand why our six directional movement strategy is so effective. Seeing movement through a new lens will reveal your creative mind.
By the end of module one, you’ll confidently create new moves with ease.
Personalize exercise results
for everyone
Coaching better movement is what October through January is all about. Hone your skills on personalizing water exercise instruction by knowing the right things to say and when to say them. Plus, learn the secrets to well-executed transitions using range of motion, impact, intensity, tempo and equipment.
By the end of module two, you’ll be the coach that gets individualized results.
Give participants what they want and need
Goodbye water aerobics instructor, hello trusted Water Exercise Coach! February through May brings it all together as you practice simple ways to create more effective, and personalized workouts. As you continue to learn-grow-share with your Wavemakers® community you’ll confidently know how to integrate trends while staying true to what really works.
By the end of module three, you’re a Wavemaker!
Learn. Grow. Share.
Individually and collectively we get better as a community to better serve our participants.
Wavemakers® is a tool that helps you build your career as an exercise coach and impact people’s lives in significant ways. It’s a new way of thinking that recognizes people as individuals, supports a healthy respect for the body, and allows everyone to get better and faster results.
Registration is open through June 30th