Wavemakers® a one-of-a kind online
mentorship for Aquatic Fitness Professionals
the next-generation of aquatic fitness professionals
Wavemakers® is an interactive mentorship program that teaches you how to be a safe and highly effective water exercise coach.
Wavemakers® helps new and experienced instructors as well as water exercise enthusiasts increase their exercise know-how and shift their creativity into high gear. Our community is a place to ask questions, share ideas, and experience true collaborative learning. Welcome to the next generation of aquatic fitness professionals.
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What does Wavemakers® include?

You’ll receive:

  • Six online education courses with printable workbooks
  • 12 CECs: AEA, Arthritis Foundation, and ATRI (a $240 value)
  • Done-for-you workouts with video demonstration (a $199 value)
  • Aquatic research and ways to apply it in your workouts right away
  • Growth activities to accelerate your teaching skills
  • Monthly interaction + inspiration with fellow Wavemakers® (priceless)
Have you ever wanted a mentor?
Someone to help answer common student questions, like “does water exercise really improve bone density?”. A place to sound out ideas? Somewhere to learn how to personalize results for everyone?
Wavemakers® online mentorship is here!
A place to get answers and experience true collaborate learning.
Clarity. Confidence. Connections.
These are the things you’ll gain in Wavemakers®
It starts now!
Is Wavemakers® for me?
The concepts taught in Wavemakers® can be applied to any class format, including interval, deep-water, arthritis, aqua zumba, and aqua yoga. It’s for people that enjoy both freestyle and pre-choreographed routines. Wavemakers® recognizes people as individuals, supports a healthy respect for the body, and allows everyone to get better and faster results. Wavemakers® is for three types of people:
Marlis VanRyzin, Exercise Participant
Bradenton FL
Printable notes and video demos make
the done-for-you workouts easy to use.
Just Getting Started
Wavemakers® is the perfect place to improve your workouts or test out a career in teaching others. Experience a unique path of self discovery that helps you gain the confidence and skills to become a trusted authority on water exercise. Instruction, encouragement and feedback from industry leaders and fellow water exercise enthusiasts will help you achieve your personal and professional goals.
Rose Cholewinski, SwimAmerica
Davis CA
My participants are enjoying the pace, energy,
creativity and commitment to success.
Experienced Aquatic Professionals
Wavemakers® is for experienced professionals in many facets of aquatics including fitness instructors, physical therapists, lifeguards, personal trainers and swim coaches. Learn the “why” behind the “how” of exercise selection and simple ways to personalize instruction that will improve outcomes and help build your reputation and business.
Andrea Velazquez, AEA certified
New York NY
Totally have been working all the foot
positions in my classes. Love love love.
Aquatic Professionals already at the top of their game
Already impacting lives through water? Even instructors who have taught for 20 years are saying ‘Wavemakers® revolutionized my programming!’ Take your career to the next level with the knowledge and connections you make through Wavemakers®. Be more confident, gain more clarity, and be ready to change the way you teach forever.
Who teaches Wavemakers®?
WECOACH founder and Wavemakers® creator Laurie Denomme leads your adventure. Laurie is known for her innovative programming and recognized for industry contributions with the 2014 ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award and 2013 AEA Global Aquatic Fitness Professional Award. You’ll hear regularly from exercise physiologists and out-of-the-box thinkers, Jeanmarie Scordino and Lori Sherlock. As lead mentors for Wavemakers®, you’ll have access to their incredible insight and advice. You’ll find even more industry leaders involved: Kataqua Education Institute founder Katrien Lemahieu, Hydro-Actif Founder Steph Toogood, and USA swim coaches and programming experts Mick and Sue Nelson.
This group brings expertise on all things water exercise, including program design, performance training, special populations, research, and the how-to of building a sustainable aquatic business. Once enrolled, you’ll be able to ask questions and get answers from all of these industry leaders inside our private Facebook community.
When does Wavemakers® Start?
Wavemakers opens for enrollment once a year.
Next mentorship begins fall 2020.
Want to receive a personal invitation next session?
Program Details
Create new moves continuously and endlessly
Learn the “why” behind the “how” of common water exercises and understand why our six directional movement strategy is so effective. Seeing movement through a new lens will reveal your movement detective, artist and scientist. By the end of module one, you’ll create new moves with ease.
Personalize Results for Everyone
Hone your skills on personalizing exercise instruction by knowing the right things to say and when to say them. Plus learn simple techniques for well-executed transitions and progression using range of motion, impact, intensity, tempo, and equipment. By the end of module two, you’ll be the coach that gets individualized results.
Simplify Workout Planning
Goodbye water aerobics instructor, hello water exercise coach! Bring it all together as you practice simple ways to apply what you’ve learned to deep-water, interval, aqua yoga and more. You’ll confidently know how to integrate new trends while staying true to what really works. By the end of module three, you’ll have the complete formula to better and faster results!
Commonly Asked Questions
How much time is involved?
The mentorship is structured, yet flexible. This allows you to learn at your own pace, apply what you learn, and share your new ideas. Each module includes 4 hours of online education, weekly emails to spur your creativity, and opportunity to interact with fellow Wavemakers®. You’ll need to commit to only 1 hour a week to keep pace and be involved!
What if I get busy and miss a week or an entire month?
Don’t worry. We’re all busy! Wavemakers® is self-paced. You’ll have ample time to catch up. If you miss a whole month, you can catch up on our built in break weeks.
What is the 30-Day Challenge?
You’ll be invited to join an interactive challenges with your fellow Wavemakers®. All of us here at WECOACH will be cheering you on as you celebrate successes with your participants. If you’re on Facebook, you’ll be able to join our private group for inspiration. If not, we’ll still keep you posted on what’s going on in the community through our weekly emails.
Do I have to be tech savvy?
Our online learning platform is easy to use. Built for non-tech savvy people (like myself), it’s easy to create a personal account and simple to navigate. We recommend a computer for online education courses, but you can also log in on a tablet/mobile. If you have trouble, we’re just an email away.
Are there tests?
Because the online courses award CECs, you must demonstrate competency of learning. But don’t worry! Our quizzes are designed to help you learn and apply the concepts. You are given two attempts to successfully complete each quiz. If you don’t pass after the second try, we will automatically email you and help you understand any questions you missed. We feel confident most times you won’t need the extra help, but we’ve got your back if you do!
What happens when I complete all 3 modules?
Congratulations! You’ll officially be a Wavemaker® and have the certificate to prove it. Our team is committed to the growth of the Wavemakers® movement globally and abroad. You’ll be part of an incredibly awesome group of people inspiring others to live, feel and move better!
What if I don’t like Wavemakers®, can I get my money back?
Yes! Being a part of this community and a part of the water exercise conversation keeps you inspired and allows you to grow both as an exercise instructor and as a participant. Wavemakers® offers a money back guarantee. You can request a full refund up until 30 days after the official start date. This guarantee gives you the opportunity to experience the true value of Wavemakers®.
Learn. Grow. Share.
That’s the Wavemakers® mentorship experience.