We use water in a totally different way.

This is feel-good exercise designed to help you move better.

How to customise your workouts to get bigger results

Public service announcement: your ability to move better is already inside you, all you’ve got to do is FEEL it. Water is a unique place to exercise. Buoyancy provides freedom to move with ease, and moving against resistance helps you get stronger. The question is: How do you know if you’re doing the right moves […]

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3 Ways To See Better Results In Water Exercise

My exercise mantra has always been simple:  Exercise Should Feel Good. But it wasn’t until more recently I learned how to use these feel-good sensations to help my students and clients using WECOACH Workouts to get their best results. When you’re following a well-designed workout all you need to do is:  Follow the Feel. Knowing […]

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Exercise Should Feel Good

Your new exercise mantra needs to be: Exercise Should Feel Good. But why? And how do we implement this into our every workout? Whether our recent COVID crisis has seen you confined to your home and experimenting with new ways to keep moving, or you’re back to being a regular at your local gym or […]

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What is an Aquatic Health Club?

Imagine a warm smile and friendly greeting as you walk in the door with your swim bag. The front desk staff knows you by name, and always looks happy to see you. “Hi Kathy, how are you doing today?” Here, you have the opportunity to learn to swim, take your swimming to the next level, […]

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Wavemakers® is like a Compass for Water Exercise Instruction

Being a part of the aquatic fitness industry gives me opportunity to meet some amazing folks. At AEA’s International Aquatic Fitness Conference 2019, I met Katrina Hereford of Greenville South Carolina. An AEA-certified instructor and recreational therapist, Katrina lives her passion helping others to discover their best self through water exercise. On a mission to […]

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20 New Ways to Jog in the Pool

Why do you need 20 new ways to jog in the pool?  A well-designed water workout includes three simple ingredients: warm-up, conditioning and warm-down. The warm-up and warm-down should always sandwich the work phase, preparing the body to work in the water and then get ready to return to land. The work phase is where […]

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