20 New Ways to Jog in the Pool

by | May 9, 2019 | Lower Body, Water Exercise, Wavemakers

Why do you need 20 new ways to jog in the pool?  A well-designed water workout includes three simple ingredients: warm-up, conditioning and warm-down. The warm-up and warm-down should always sandwich the work phase, preparing the body to work in the water and then get ready to return to land. The work phase is where you focus on desired outcome such as managing arthritis pain, improving balance, or strengthening the knees and hips.

Creating a water workout is like building a sandwich. Sometimes you follow the recipe and other times you get creative.


Let’s look at aqua jogging, a common water exercise.


Begin with the original recipe, using an alternating knee lift and hand reach. Repetition is important when first learning. If you’re having a hard time with the arms and legs moving in opposition, try touching the opposite hip as you lift the knee.

Now that you’ve got the move, it’s time to get creative.

It’s time to move in six directions! Moving in six directions is the key ingredient to WECOACH workouts that makes them original and so effective. It’s simple: move forward and backward, right to left, and right and left rotation.



Try these 20 new ways to jog in the pool by moving in six directions:

  1. Punch front to back
  2. Punch side to side
  3. Punch right and left rotation
  4. Travel forward
  5. Travel backward
  6. Travel right
  7. Travel left
  8. Travel clockwise
  9. Travel counter clockwise
  10. Arm swing front to back
  11. Arm swing side to side
  12. Arm swing right/left rotation
  13. Feet neutral
  14. Left foot forward
  15. Right foot forward
  16. Feet wide
  17. Feet narrow
  18. Toes out
  19. Toes in
  20. Speed changes


While repetition is important when first learning, variation is the key to mastering a movement, having an enjoyable exercise experience and getting results!

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See you over there.

Author: Laurie Denomme, Founder of WECOACH and Creator of Wavemakers®

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