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by | Dec 3, 2015 | Exercise Tips

What Does “Being Healthy” Mean to You? 

If you want to be successful in reaching your fitness goals, you have to develop consistent habits.  Over the next few months, we’re giving you an inside look at how the WECOACH team members stay healthy and fit.  You’ll also learn simple tips to help you feel and move better!

First up, I’d like you to meet Lori Sherlock.

Who is Lori Sherlock?

Lori’s impact on the field of aquatics is extensive because of her superior and rare combined talent as both a scientist and educator. Having the honor of co-teaching with Lori has enabled me to witness her first-rate ability to convey difficult concepts in a simplified manner.  Professionals that learn from Lori across the country are unquestionably leading safer and more effective aquatic exercise programs.

She sets herself apart from other leaders in the industry because of her innovative thinking and ability to create result-driven exercise programs that are FUN!  Her knowledge, enthusiasm and willingness to always go above and beyond make her a tremendous asset to the aquatic fitness industry.

Fun Facts about Lori


I still remember the day Lori called me and proposed the idea to bring our popular class concepts among our students together to form a brand new format.  

Lori had been doing HIIT workouts with her group exercise classes for years and had seen tremendous results.  She recognized that the exercises from my Stretch Fusion DVDs could be the perfect complement to the high intensity sets offering a purposeful active recovery.  And that was it…HI-YO was born!

HI-YO Training System

Having strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular health are integral to overall fitness and wellness, yet traditional aquatic exercise programs fail to target all components in a single workout, producing inconsistent results. 

The solution can be found in the HI-YO training system combining high-intensity workouts with Yoga based movements for recovery.



After using HI-YO workouts with our participants for many years, in 2010 Lori and I introduced our concept to other professionals at AEA’s International Aquatic Fitness Conference.  And now, this workout is available on DVD.

IMG_6099 IMG_6328  

If you want to try the HI-YO training system, click the button below!  When bought during the month of December, you’ll SAVE $10!

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“After taking a HI-YO workshop, I successfully launched a class at my pool. Participants love it and interestingly, my hip that has had limited rotation has begun to increase in range. YAHOO!”

Mary Draper from Oregon, AEA, BS


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