Aqua Pilates Recovery Workout

by | Sep 24, 2015 | Arthritis, Core

Aqua Pilates: stretch, strengthen and soothe the body. That’s the aim of this unique movement discipline, as well as a big one you might be missing out on: promoting the ultimate body recovery.


Why Recovery?


Recovery is to regain something one has lost. Getting something back can mean different things at different times.  Here are some examples:

  • After injury or surgery your body may have lost mobility and/or strength and your exercise may need to be geared toward regaining those important components of fitness.
  • Perhaps you are living with an autoimmune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis that requires daily exercise to “reboot” the body rather than “burn” energy.
  • It’s possible you’ve been living an inactive lifestyle and are looking for the best way to get started and return to a former or better state or condition.
  • Or maybe, you are active and already committed to a regular workout regimen, in which case recovery workouts offer a way to prevent injury and optimize performance.


Peyow Aqua Pilates


Peyow Aqua Pilates created and developed by Anne Pringle Burnell uses original Pilates principles and exercises adapted for water.

Anne says: “If someone has been unable to exercise because of chronic pain or a recent surgery/injury, Peyow Aqua Pilates exercises are a safe way to get started.  This aquatic version of Pilates specifically helps for people to relearn basic movement patterns and strengthen weak areas in the body because of the focus on:

  • Slow controlled movement patterns
  • Efficient movement, using only the necessary muscles
  • Activation of the core in all exercises
  • Moving in a pain-free range of motion”

In 2015, Anne and her team examined changes in dynamic balance of Peyow Aqua Pilates participants.  When asked to share some of their findings, Anne was excited to share these great achievements:

  1. At the start of the trial, one individual with Multiple Sclerosis walked with the assistance of a cane, with pain in the right lumbar spine, and occasional pain down the right leg.  To avoid overworking, the subject was able to alternate work and rest periods during each workout. At the completion of the study, the individual showed a 39% increase on the functional reach test indicating core strength and dynamic balance improvement. This was evidenced by her ability to move and walk around the room, without the use of a cane.
  2. Another candidate diagnosed with Lupus, was recovering from a meniscus tear and walked with a cane, told me they can now walk for 1-2 miles without the cane.  When changing clothes for the class, the person proudly demonstrated how they’re able to pick up their leg without holding onto anything.

Try this Peyow Aqua Pilates Exercise, Turn the Crank, perfect for core strength and dynamic stability.

Aqua Pilates Exercise

Stand feet parallel, hip distance apart, neutral pelvis, hands in front on flotation.

Aqua Pilates Exercise

Lean forward with weight lightly supported on the equipment until heels lift off the floor. Stop the movement forward by contracting the abs and back.

Aqua Pilates Exercise

Slowly round the back, lifting abdominals toward the spine. Pull equipment down and in toward thighs until hips stack over the feet and heels lower to floor. Bend elbows to bring equipment to surface. Repeat this sequence 5-10x (add more reps as you progress).


The Takeaway


Aqua Pilates For Recovery can be one of the most important tools to add into your movement regime. Remember, whether you have an autoimmune disorder like rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis, just had an injury or surgery or are just wanting to take measures to optimizing your performance, recovery workouts are extremely important.

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