We use water in a totally different way.

This is feel-good exercise designed to help you move better.

12 Ways To Plank

It takes more than drool-worthy six-pack abs to have a strong and healthy core. The rectus abdominus, responsible for six-pack abs, only represents one of several muscles that comprise the core. By planking we can activate so much more! A plank, a hold in the top of a push-up position, gives us targeted strengthening for […]

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Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

Tired of waking up with aches and pains?  Yoga in the pool can help.  Stretching in the aquatic environment is beneficial and can be practiced by individuals of all fitness levels.  Buoyancy supports the body for better range of motion while moving against the natural resistance of the water improves strength. So you might be […]

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3 Stretches Vital To A Morning Routine

Get up and go with three easy exercises! Whether you are at home or traveling, my favorite stretch routine can be used to reduce morning stiffness, reverse the effects of prolonged sitting or as a warm-up for any workout I’d like to invite you to try – pivot, plank and swing.

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HI-YO: Interval Training for ALL

From Tabata to Timmons, everyone has their own take on how to deliver high intensity interval workouts. There is a simple explanation as to why so many programs involve HIIT…it works!  On land, this type of training is reserved for advanced exercisers.  However, in water, the ability to go beyond limits thought possible is realistic, […]

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Aqua Pilates Recovery Workout

Aqua Pilates: stretch, strengthen and soothe the body. That’s the aim of this unique movement discipline, as well as a big one you might be missing out on: promoting the ultimate body recovery.  

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5 Best Exercises for Back Pain

Google “exercises for back pain” and you will find thousands of sites with exercises for the core.  Top hits include: planks, bridges, pelvic tilts, crunches and face down arm and leg raises. The problem with many of these back pain exercises is that they lack movement of the body in ways that are natural.  Visualize each […]

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