AquaStretch for Low Back Pain

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The Body says YES to AquaStretch!


This week, we look at another great water exercise technique that increases mobility and reduces pain called: AquaStretch.

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This assisted stretching and myofascial release technique is known to free the body of restrictions that limit flexibility and may cause pain with movement.

George Eversaul, creator of the technique says:  “AquaStretch™ may quickly restore flexibility lost after accidents and surgeries, even more than three months after an injury.  It may significantly and immediately reduce chronic pain or movement pain and/or create profound relaxation that may help improve sleep. It may also be used in fitness and athletic conditioning to increase flexibility.”

Having clinically proven results in conditioning, rehabilitation and physical therapy, AquaStretch is an extraordinary type of recovery exercise.  Benefits include:

  1.   Restore Flexibility lost from prior accidents, surgeries, sports injuries or over-training.
  2.   Increase Wellness Motivation by reducing chronic aches & pains and improving sleep.
  3.   Decrease Muscle Soreness/Tension due to intense physical training or excessive workouts.
  4.   Increase Training Efficiency by decreasing recovery time from workout soreness.
  5.   Help Get “Loose” before competition because of the profound relaxation benefit.
  6.   Improve Sports Performance by restoring systemic flexibility and reducing pain.

AquaStretch for Fitness and Wellness

The AquaStretch fitness and wellness procedure targets the entire body in a series of head-to-toe stretches.   Each stretch is initiated and directed by the client in response to the verbal cue, “move how you feel the need to move.”  Supported by water, the client is free to move into and hold positions that cannot be duplicated on land.  The facilitator follows and accents this natural movement to quickly restore flexibility.

AquaStretch is an amazing technique that is quickly proving to have a tremendous impact on the fitness and wellness of those participating.

“Since AquaStretch may immediately reduce muscle soreness and chronic pain psychologically, it may motivate beginning clients to continue their personal training program because they have much less discomfort after workouts.  It may also be used after intense training to speed recovery.  Clients may be able to compress their conditioning program, which is important for those that have training deadlines.”–George Eversaul

AquaStretch and Chronic Pain

Dr. Grant Burrows sheds an enlightening perspective on pain, which furthers our understanding as to why AquaStretch works.

He teaches us that the body has the ability to stop the pain cycle and reboot. However, contrary to exercise status quo which is simple, repetitive and boring, interrupting an unwanted pain cycle requires movement that is pain free, highly variable and fun.  For a growing number of people living with chronic pain, AquaStretch is proving to be some much-sought relief for the body.

Lynda Keane at Middlesex University in London, England, looked at the effects of AquaStretch versus land stretching on people living with chronic lower back pain. The study revealed AquaStretch to be beneficial in reducing pain, disability and kinesiophobia while improving quality of life in subjects with chronic low back pain.  Corroborating with previous aquatic-based longitudinal research, the data showed between week’s 6 and 12 the reduction in pain starts to plateau for the land based stretching group while it continued to improve in the AquaStretch group.

I was immediately drawn to AquaStretch because of the emphasis on moving the body in ways that are naturally intuitive to the individual.  If you observe a session, you’ll notice how the body unconsciously moves in 6 directions.

AquaStretch: One Leg Standing Stretch

Information published in: AquaStretch™ Foundations Manual

Often a client favorite, One Leg Standing may appear to be a stretch for the hip complex.  However, the variable movements of the client’s hands, head and trunk make this a whole-body stretch.


The client stands with weighted leg parallel to the wall, grasping wall/railing with the same side hand.

The facilitator uses Foot Grip with Traction on the unweighted leg, by leaning away from the client.

Check out One Leg Standing with IT-Band Stretch video below:

For Exercise Professionals

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AquaStretch Testimonials from my Clients:

“I first tried AquaStretch™ because of low back and sciatic pain. It felt really good to be stretched like that; my body really opened up and my stride was much longer when I walked. After four sessions, I have no back pain.” – Cindy H., Siesta Key, FL

“Shoulder pain kept me off the volleyball court and caused persistent discomfort when doing little things like holding the phone to my ear. Since my AquaStretch™ session one month ago, I have had no pain or stiffness, and I am glad to be back to the activities I enjoy!” – Jessica C. Wilkes-Barre, PA

“Migraine headaches motivated me to try AquaStretch™. I slept so well and even into the next morning (something that never happens). My migraines are less painful, and the nagging tension in my upper shoulders is non-existent. I am so thankful for AquaStretch™!” – Jackie B. London, Canada

Move and Feel Better

If you are looking to overcome a training plateau, restore flexibility or just relax, I encourage you to just try AquaStretch once!  You need to feel it to truly understand and appreciate the extraordinary relief it can provide.  If you suffer with chronic pain, AquaStretch may change your life!  I know, because it changed mine.

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