Exercise Should Feel Good

Your new exercise mantra: Exercise Should Feel Good

Here’s why this thinking should guide every workout.

While confined to your home, you may be exploring new ways to keep moving.

That’s good!  Movement helps to boost immunity and keep muscles strong.

However, one wrong move can result in pain or injury.

At-home workouts should stick to the moves that will have a positive impact.  How do you know which moves are best?

It’s actually pretty simple.  Pay attention to how you FEEL.

Your body will tell you what moves are right for you.  So, listen up!

Give yourself permission to try new things.  As you explore new ways to exercise ask yourself: Does it feel good? If it feels good, you’ve found a move your body needs.

If it hurts, follow these three steps to find the right move:

Here is one of my favorite exercises: The Feel Good Wall Squat

  • Begin with one hand on the wall at shoulder height.
  • Reach the other hand at knee height, or lower if your flexibility allows.
  • Not only are the hips moving into perfect squat mechanics, but notice the feel good stretch in the shoulders.

Practice your new exercise mantra:  Exercise Should Feel Good.

Give yourself permission to modify and even skip a few repetitions.

Make it your Move.

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