Forward Thinking for an Aquatic Exercise Professional

by | May 28, 2015 | Exercise Tips

water exercise classHelping you help your clients move better is what WECOACH is all about.

We teach these techniques to movement specialists, physical therapists and other aquatic exercise professionals through our COREssentials education courses

You can simply integrate our videos into your existing aquatic exercise classes or attend one of my COREssential training programs to learn the science behind what we do.




COREssentials for Water Exercise

Learn how to use a simple movement formula to develop hundreds of exercises.  Use the WECOACH method as a new way to workout or integrate into any class format.  Whether you are new to aquatics or a veteran, take away solutions to help your clients move better!

  • Connect the brain, body and spirit through 3D movement
  • Optimize movement efficiency by treating everyone as an individual
  • Reduce pain and stiffness while improving strength and stamina
  • Empower clients to use buoyancy and resistance to get results

Hear What Other People are Saying about WECOACH

“I just completed Laurie’s new course and I cannot believe how great I feel.  My hips have not been this open in forever!  I learned great material and I cannot wait to incorporate the exercises with my students.”– Christine from Fairfax VA

“I’ve been teaching for 8 years.  Laurie’s programs are always evolving and enrich the quality of exercises I am able to teach. I recommend this course!”– Linda from Springfield VA

Help Your Clients Move Better

If you are an aquatic exercise professional looking to help your clients enjoy their workout routine, move in a range that feels good to them, help their bodies get what they need to reach their goals, WECOACH can help!

It is simple, proven and effective.

Together, we’ll help your clients move better and get the results they deserve!

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  • Thursday, August 6
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Laurie Denomme

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