How To Unlock Your Body’s Potential With Mindful Water Exercise

by | May 10, 2024 | At Home Workouts, Exercise Tips, Move Better

In a world where fitness trends come and go, there’s a truly timeless element to water. It’s an environment that supports all movement, giving us the power of both resistance and support. But water exercise has been stereotyped as an overly-gentle exercise routine, one only for the very elderly, broken bodies, or those in deep recovery. What if water exercise—and more specifically, mindful water exercise—can be the very tool to unlock the potential you’ve been searching for in other workouts but not quite finding? 

Here at Wavemakers, we don’t just exercise in water; we fundamentally redefine our relationship with movement. Through deliberate, intentional actions in an aquatic environment, you can fully explore your body’s capabilities, focusing on quality over quantity, unlike traditional workout routines that focus solely on completing repetitions or sets.



Decoding the Six Seven Formula: Your Blueprint for Success

Central to the Wavemakers philosophy is our 6-7 Formula—a structured framework designed to guide you through your fitness journey. 

Put simply, the formula is this: a way to focus on natural body movement and functional strength in the water, with the aim to alleviate pain, promote strength, burn fat, reduce injury, and enhance performance (and we consistently see these results for our clients).

To practice this yourself, take the time to explore each motion as you go through an exercise routine, paying close attention to how your body responds. It helps to slow down as you move. Slowly notice: what does this movement feel like? That one? Where do you feel it the most? 

Then, we put the theory into practice. Transition to the feeling phase by honing in on sensory awareness—close your eyes, and focus on the subtle cues and sensations that accompany each movement. Use this heightened awareness to make real-time adjustments, tailoring your exercises to meet your specific needs and goals, rather than robotically doing exactly what the instructor says. This not only supports you in water exercise, but in every movement class going; you’ll learn the power of adjusting any movement routine for you.



The Power of Mindful Movement

Unlike mindless repetition, which can lead to burnout or injury, mindful movement encourages you to engage with your body on a deeper level. We slow down and tune into the physical sensations that accompany each movement. This helps us deepen our mind-body connection, which leads us towards improved strength, flexibility, and balance. All from simple mindfulness, a practice often overlooked as woo-woo or only for meditators. 

Not only does mindful movement support you in your movement classes, you’ll see the benefits extend into the rest of your life, too. From picking up groceries to reaching for items on a high shelf, every movement is supported by the mindful, conscious movements you found in the pool. Our bodies get better for moving in everyday life, rather than simply improving at only the exercise we practice. 

Try our mindful approach in this workout. Not only will you be prompted to move in different ways, challenging your balance and core strength, but you’ll be encouraged to slow down and feel as you go. 

And when you’re ready for the best results for yourself, join us inside Wavemakers where it’s our mission to help you find the joy of pain-free movement every day.

Laurie Denomme

Laurie Denomme

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