Meet the Coach: Jeanmarie Scordino

Meet the Coach: Jeanmarie Scordino

What Does “Being Healthy” Mean to You?

At a time of year while many people are writing their new year’s resolutions, we’re taking a different approach. Let’s face it, by February, many resolutions have already gone out the door – so why not be motivated by how far you have come, rather than how far you need to go?

At WECOACH, it is our mission to provide simple tips that help you feel and move better! 

Last month you met team member Lori Sherlock, and this month, I’m excited to introduce…

Jeanmarie Scordino

Who is Jeanmarie Scordino?

Jeanmarie’s credentials are extensive, but what I admire most is her creative eye for movement.  When I first saw Jeanmarie working with clients, I was amazed at her ability to select moves that appeared to be so simple, yet had extraordinary results.  The clients, some who had experienced long term pain, were on a path to feeling and moving better – on the spot!

Her creative ability that helps people get moving and feel better is seen in the Functional Training Path she created and implemented for her workplace. This looping 1 mile path with 4 stretching stations is geared toward people who sit a lot to help reverse effects of prolonged sitting with the added benefit of more advanced exercises. Here are a few of her designs!



Fun Facts About Jeanmarie Scordino


When I first met Jeanmarie, I knew her approach to movement was what people were looking for, and I wanted her on my team!  Using her 25+ years experience as an exercise physiologist, personal trainer and sport conditioning coach, she put together a 3-part land workout series for WECOACH.

Each 10 minute program can be done on it’s own or together for a 30 minute workout.

  • Reduce pain and stiffness using gentle hip movements
  • Improve lower body strength for stronger knees and hips
  • Step and reach in 6 directions to improve core strength and balance

WECOACH Land Workouts

The original WECOACH land workouts are available as a bonus on many of our water exercise DVDs.  They can also be purchased on their own as a downloadable workout.

  1. Total Body Mobility:  Uses gentle weight shifting and reaching to reduce whole body pain and stiffness
  2. Lower Body Strength:  Reduces hip and knee pain with less joint stress
  3. Total Body Integration:  Improves core strength, stability and balance by stepping and reaching in 6 directions

“I have been looking for a way to work out smarter, not harder. In just two weeks, I felt improvement in both stiffness and pain. When my time is short, I do one 10-minute workout for a better day. Thank you so much for meeting this need.” – Judy from Sarasota

Our workout collection uses multiple camera angles to expertly showcase how to best execute the moves. Normal retail $7.95 each (or rent for $2.95).

But, if you buy now through January 31, you can get ALL 3 for under $10!  Get all 3 downloadable workouts for $9.95.

At checkout, enter code: GETMOVING


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