AquaStretch After Knee Surgery

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Lower Body

Increasing range of motion early and restoring flexibility after knee surgery is critical in returning to pain free function. To help get started on a path to improved flexibility, AquaStretch can help!

This assisted stretch and myofascial release technique has proven benefits in conditioning, rehabilitation and physical therapy. Did you know that AquaStretch helps reduce chronic low back pain? Read more about this AquaStretch research conducted at Middlesex University by Lynda Keane.


How does AquaStretch Work?


Feel the power and simplicity of the AquaStretch™ four-step technique: Play, Freeze, Pressure, Move.

1. Play: The Client is asked to “play” with their body’s movement, to find any position in which they experience pain or restriction. For example, if they are having problems with movement or feel pain/tension in the leg, they are asked to move that leg in the water in all different directions until they feel that pain or tension.

2. Freeze: The Client is asked to “freeze” their body in the exact position where they feel their pain or restriction.

3. Pressure: The Facilitator puts “pressure” where the Client feels pain or restriction, while the Client maintains the “frozen” position.

4. Move: The Facilitator asks the Client to “Move, if you feel the need to move.” This request usually results in the Client’s body experiencing “intuitive movement,” with the body moving in highly individual ways that result in the pain or muscle tension being relieved.


The Result:

  • Significant pain reduction and movement freedom
  • Providing immediate as well as long-term benefits

This quick return to functional mobility is especially important after knee surgery, whether meniscal tear or ACL repair or total knee replacement.  This technique has a unique ability to quickly break down scar tissue and restore flexibility.


AquaStretch and Post ACL Repair Surgery


The leg should be capable of moving freely in all 6 natural directions.  A fascial restriction along the IT-Band and/or muscles above/below the knee may affect quality of movement at the ankle, knee or hip. Therefore, it is important to identify restrictions and address them in order to optimize knee function.

Lauren W. Division II collegiate basketball player says, “AquaStretch helped me get the bend back in my knee and get back on the court!


For Exercise Professionals


Advance your understanding of AquaStretch in a NEW online learning course: AquaStretch PRO for the Hip, hosted by the Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute.

  1. This workshop teaches how to enhance your ability to seek out and identify probable areas of tightness, pain or restriction
  2. Learn why limited mobility and stability of these muscles can be the source of lower back pain, sciatica, headaches and more
  3. Apply the principles of movement to restore optimal function to the hip flexors, adductors, abductors, rotators and hamstrings
  4. Incorporate exercises to enhance stability in the newly acquired range of motion, facilitating maximized client results


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