Wavemakers® online mentorship — the Swiss Army Knife for Water Exercise

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Thanks to its smart design and versatility of use, the Swiss Army Knife allows you to carry an entire toolbox in your pocket. I was ten when I got my first Swiss Army knife, and I remember being fascinated by the incredible number of tools packed into that shiny red knife, small enough I could take it with me anywhere I went.

What if you could find that same tool but for pool workouts? That’s exactly what Wavemakers® is; your Swiss Army Knife for water exercise, an all in one tool that makes tasks easier and results happen. Here are three reasons why Wavemakers® online mentorship is like having a small toolbox in your pocket:


1. Wavemakers® online mentorship has a wide variety of main features


Wavemakers® online mentorship increases your water exercise know-how and shifts your creativity into high gear. Wavemakers® allows you to consistently create new workouts with ease. It’s structured, yet flexible, and offers multiple tools. Like a Swiss Army Knife, Wavemakers® allows you to choose what tools you want when you want them. Your learning tools include:

  • Online education courses
  • Video workouts + printable notes for poolside use
  • Monthly video tips you can watch and use immediately
  • Interaction + Inspiration with fellow Wavemakers®


Interaction is not typical in online courses, but our learn-grow-share community encourages working together and sharing ideas so that individually and collectively we get better.




2. Move in six directions


If I could teach everyone just one thing about exercise, it’s that every joint needs to move in six directions. It’s that important. Like the large blade found on every Swiss Army Knife, the six directional movement formula is found in every Wavemakers® workout. Applied to everything from soothing aqua yoga poses to challenging high intensity exercises, this simple concept will shift your creativity into high gear and deliver meaningful results for everyone.




3. The right tool for personalizing water exercise


Wavemakers online mentorship

It’s not just about what exercise you do, but how you do it. Wavemakers® uses a variety of tools to personalize instruction and facilitate better, faster results. Just as each Swiss Army Knife tool is used to assist with specific needs, Wavemakers® tools teach the right things to say at the right time. Master a few simple tools, or concepts, and you’ll be able help participants finally get the results they’re after.


Together we are Wavemakers®


Tasks are easier and more effective when you have the right tools. Wavemakers® provides the only set of tools you’ll ever need to take your coaching to the next level and help you feel like you’re a special part of this great industry.

Join Wavemakers® online mentorship to be a part of our year-long adventure.


Author: Laurie Denomme, Founder of WECOACH and Creator of Wavemakers®

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