WECOACH at Home Water Exercise Products

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At Home Water Exercise


Water aerobics have been delivered into the homes of Americans since the 1950’s. Jack LaLanne touted the benefits of regular exercise and a healthy diet on his daily television show.  He developed at home water exercise workouts to build strength without the stress of gravity.



Water Aerobics


Water aerobics continues to battle the stereotype of being for old ladies.  Did you know that you can burn 400 calories in just 30 minutes of water aerobics?  The benefits of water aerobics are well documented.  Water aerobics can help you stay healthy and fit at any age.



Better Results


If you are like most people, you want exercises that are worth the effort.  WECOACH provides a better way to exercise.  Unlike most other exercise programs, developed on a single plane of motion, WECOACH uses 6 directional movements.  Simple moves, big results.  Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned water exerciser, WECOACH will help you get better and faster results.

“I was most interested in getting my lower body rehabilitated after hip and knee surgery, but I am thrilled with the upper body changes I am also making!  Thank you so much.” – Laura B.,  California



WECOACH at Home Water Exercise Products


Water Aerobics on CD.  If you want old school technology, at home water exercise products on CD are your best choice.  A simple way to exercise.  Just put the CD into your portable sound system and follow along.  Using your computer, workouts on CD can also be transferred to your i-tunes collection for use on your i-pod, tablet or mobile phone.



MP3 Digital Download.  If you want a program that can be added to your i-pod, tablet, or mobile phone, enjoy the immediate use of digital downloads.  After purchase follow the buyer instructions for easy transfer to your portable device.  At Home Water Exercise Products sold on CD and as digital downloads are recorded in a professional sound studio for highest sound quality.




Wireless Headphones.  Experience vibrant health using the latest technology.  Enjoy WECOACH workouts on wire free headphones.  It’s simple. Just add your favorite playlist and follow the instructional cues played at designated times.  All FX Sport Headphones purchased on the WECOACH website come pre-loaded with 14 workouts.  

  • 10 WECOACH workouts created exclusively for use on FX-Sport headphones with your own music.  
  • 4 WECOACH All in One Workouts; music and instructional cues in a single recording.



Join the Movement!


WECOACH At Home Water Exercise Products are ideal for training in your backyard pool or for groups that do not have the benefit of a live instructor.  Take a look at the exercises from our new At Home Water Workout:  HIIT Aquatic Cardio & Noodle Abdominals.


It’s like having WECOACH founder, Laurie Denomme, provide you personal workout sessions in the comfort of your own pool.  Are you ready?  Join the Movement!

“Always on the lookout for new and motivating programming ideas. Keep up the good work!” – Peter Churchill B.Ed.P.E., C.S.C.S./ A.C.E. G.FI.-.P.F.T.


Author: Laurie Denomme, Founder of WECOACH and Creator of Wavemakers®


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