WECOACH Can Help Strengthen the Body and Help You Move Better

by | May 20, 2015 | At Home Workouts

WECOACH Move BetterDo you have joint pain? Maybe you’re struggling with finding an exercise program that you enjoy or that actually make a difference in how you feel. WECOACH Workouts are simple, effective, and fun to do.



What is WECOACH?

Most at home exercise programs focus on movement in a front to back motion. In real life our body needs to be flexible and strong in all directions. My 6-7 Formula trains the body in this way so it is flexible, strong, and ready to adapt in different situation.

Each workout uses distinctive arm, leg and whole body movements so you can feel all your muscles working. And our team of world-class coaches are here to support you every step of the way. We teach you what to do and how it should feel so you can work at the right intensity to get results you want.

Our water workouts can be done in any pool at any time and our complementary land programs can help you easily transition from the pool to a simple land routine.  Regardless of your fitness level, there is an option for you with WECOACH.

Move Better

My blog is focused around a variety of topics to help you learn how to feel your way to better results and ultimately move better.

Together, we’ll help you move better to get the results you want and deserve!

Stay tuned for regular articles. In the meantime, take a look at my website to learn more about who I am, or click below for a free workout preview!


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Laurie Denomme

Laurie Denomme

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