COREssentials for Water Exercise

COREssentials for Water Exercise

A Change in Perspective Awaits You

Check out this photo? Do you see a 9 or a 6? What you see depends on where you are sitting in relation to the picture. The person sitting towards the viewer sees a 9 while the person facing away sees a 6. Elizabeth Banks, a Gray Institute Fellow of Applied Functional Science, explains: “Changing our perception can provide a very different outcome to the same experience”.

It was August 2014.  And a change of perspective, plus two years of compiling all of my experiences that led me launch my new educational course, COREssentials for Water Exercise.  In my last blog post, I wrote about my path of discovery; years of purposeful events led me to develop a new way of thinking about exercise.

Simple Ideas, Big Results!

In putting together COREssentials for Water Exercise, my vision was to teach others simple and effective ways to rethink aquatic exercise and expand the benefits of their current exercise programs. Janet Nugent, a course attendee and AEA certified instructor, shared her experiences with me:

What types of programming do you teach in which you were able to incorporate material from the COREssentials program? Janet:  I use WECOACH principles in all of my aquatic and land group exercise classes, as well as with my personal training clients.

How has this course impacted the way you lead these fitness programs? Janet:  It makes all of my classes easy to plan. Whether I’m teaching Water Stride, Aqua Energy or integrating (the exercises) into my land based Silver Sneakers® classes, I never run out of ideas.

What is the most useful concept learned? Janet:  The 7-basic foot positions. I can develop new ideas and recall my exercise routine easily.

What is the thing you enjoyed most? Janet:  Moving in 6 directions.  Exercises are never the same and it allows me to reach all individuals, challenging each person as they need to be in a group setting.

You might be surprised to learn, Janet just attended this course for the fourth time!  When I asked, “why?” she explained, “Every time I attend I get something new, both for myself and for my clients.  There is so much to this program.” The interesting fact is the course has not changed.  It’s the same course.  What’s different is Janet. Each year she comes with more knowledge and experience.  It’s like looking at the same information with a new set of lenses.

COREssentials for Water Exercise

See both a 9 and a 6. In this professional education course, you will learn a simple movement formula that will give you the ability to offer more exercise solutions.  

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A change in perspective awaits you!



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