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What should you focus on when teaching group exercise? When participating, how should you be thinking about each movement? BioExercise™ is an innovative new water exercise program that answers these questions, delivering better and faster exercise results. Combining activities for both body and mind, the program focuses on improving total body functionality.


Why Water?


Research studies often use multi-tasking to evaluate brain processing abilities. Multi-tasking, or doing more than one thing at a time, typically decreases performance on one or more of the tasks. A 2015 study, discovered that errors in the water were an astonishing 45% less than on land. Being better equipped to handle multi-tasking in the pool makes training in this enriched learning environment highly beneficial.



Purposeful Movement


As a professional, it’s your responsibility to know why you select an exercise to be part of your workout. BioExercise™ introduces professionals to principles of Applied Functional Science™ (AFS). Developed by the Gray Institute™, the utmost authority on functional training, AFS is the convergence of biological, physical and behavioral sciences. Understanding the basics of AFS will help you make sound exercise choices.

BioExercise™ uses AFS principles to teach the “why” behind the “how” of 6 essential movements – reaching, walking, sitting to stand, bending and lifting, turning and balance. Transferring these everyday movements into exercises for the pool, helps participants maintain an active, healthy lifestyle at any age.


Brain Boosters


If you haven’t varied your warm-up routine recently or challenged your students with a new assortment of teaching methods, chances are your students are benefitting less and less each time they participate. When the same exercises are taught in the same order, using the same teaching technique, learning stagnates. How can it not? Rather than being actively engaged in the workout, participants begin to just go through the motions, even if they try not to! This “monkey-see monkey-do” participation doesn’t transfer well into real life situations, and it doesn’t fully engage the whole person for optimal learning.

The solution is brain boosters. Now fully present and engaged, participants don’t have time to wonder what they’re going to do that night. No longer able to predict the next move, they stay alert and focused on the task at hand. Engaging, fun and results-driven, BioExercise™ uses seven brain-boosting techniques to improve brain-processing speed for better physical results.


Personalized Programming


BioExercise™ personalizes group exercise by optimizing feedback. The program uses dedicated time for individualized exercises and teaches participants how to identify and feel optimal working intensity. Through this process, participants are able to correct movement inefficiencies on their own. Teaching students how to self-correct movement errors optimizes the transfer of practiced exercises to real life situations. They’re able to take what they learn in the pool and transfer it to day to day activities, further expanding the benefits of the program.



Author: Laurie Denomme, Founder of WECOACH and Creator of Wavemakers®

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