We use water in a totally different way.

This is feel-good exercise designed to help you move better.

Body Talk for Better Balance

Balance is best trained by speaking to the body in a language it understands.  Andrea Wasylow, PT explains:  “Balance requires the ability of the neurological system to successfully receive information, process that information, and then convey an appropriate motor plan for task completion – all while controlling the center of mass against gravity.” If someone […]

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COREssentials for Water Exercise

Check out the photo below. Do you see a 9 or a 6? What you see depends on where you are sitting in relation to the picture. The person sitting towards the viewer sees a 9 while the person facing away sees a 6. Elizabeth Banks, a Gray Institute Fellow of Applied Functional Science, explains: […]

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Move in 6 Directions for Better Exercise Results

In 2011, I entered the Gray Institute fellowship program. I thought I was going to enhance my understanding of anatomy and biomechanics. And yes, I did become more familiar with muscles and movement, but more importantly, the Gray Institute connected everything I already knew and inspired me to learn more. As a traditionally-trained fitness professional, […]

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