Experience an innovative new water exercise program that combines activities for the body and mind to improve total body functionality.

Group Exercise ?
Comprehensive. Engaging. Fun.
Group Exercise
Group Personal Training & Specialty Formats ?
Highly effective for post-rehab and small group classes.
Group Personal Training
Clinical Integration & Medical Fitness ?
BioExercise helps improve therapeutic outcomes
Clinical Integration

Key strategies for BioExercise Coaches:

  • Purposeful Movement
    Learn the why behind the how
  • Target Practice
    A designated time for personalized exercises
  • Music
    At mixed tempos, because life does not move at one speed
  • Brain Boosters
    To build stronger mind-body connections

BioExercise is:

  1. Created using current research findings and substantiated by anecdotal evidence.
  2. Flexible to incorporating new discoveries that enhance and build on previous ideas.
  3. Adaptable for all populations and fitness levels.
  4. Appropriate for rehab, conditioning and performance training.
  5. Easy to incorporate into any preferred teaching style and exercise format.
  6. Free from equipment requirements or restrictions.

Created and developed by international fitness experts Laurie Denomme and Katrien Lemahieu. This award-winning duo is passionately committed to educating, motivating and supporting BioExercise Coaches to deliver life-enhancing programs in their communities.

Strengthen the body. Sharpen the mind. Do BioExercise.